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This page contains mostly news about other things besides Blade Runner but there still is Blade Runner here, FEW!!!


There have been lots of articles saying that there is a Blade Runner 2 but is this true? A interview with the movies director Ridely Scott says "I would like much do it. I think that in B.R. there are many interesting starting point that concern the origins of the character of Harrison Ford seen like immortal. It would be a very intelligent sequel" I think there's a 65% chance of a Blade Runner 2 what do you think? send me an e-mail explaining why you think there should be a Blade Runner 2 e-mail

Go to the shop and buy...

Ever liked another game?
Then buy Diablo 2 the next best thing from Blade Runner. Diablo 2 is a strategy game, your main objective is to hunt down a huge Demon creature they call DIABLO but its not that easy first you have to get through the fist 5 acts, but this game wont let you that easy. When choosing your character and starting the game you get items, example you get armor a helmet gauntlents big heavy boots a shield and best of all a weapon to slay the demons. In the first act you will get crap all weapons that wont do anything, progress through the game unloking secrets and new items taking you countless days and months, Or you can just hack go to and download item editors which allow you to not only make the weapons better, but you can just select the best stuff from the list and make it a rare or uniqe item.


Commander and Conquer is another great West Wood game it features great battle game play between different countries of course the object is to destroy the other team. It has awsome weapons like Tanks, Aircraft Carriers, air crafts, future technology and a fierce army of troopers. All you do is select what tank or gruop of troopers you want and then click any where on the battle field and they will go there and attack any nearby teams. West Wood have already made over 10 Commander Conquer games and theres still more coming so it just keeps getting better and better. Here's what I rate it out of 10:
      Graphics: 8
      Voice Overs: 10
      Game Play: 10
      Game Weapons: 100.00000.00000000000.00000.000
      Game Summary: 9
      Overal: 10
I really recommend you buy this game and all of its expansions its worth your money's worth.

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!

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