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Tyrell Corp"More Human Than Human"

Tyrell's Replicants

The Maker and the creation.
Are they reall "more human than human?"

We all know that the Replicants are the bad guys and the Blade Runner's are the good guy's but what really are Replicants? Well Replicants are human genetic copies if you may, designed to copy humans in every way exept there emotions.The Replicants in the film know about there 4 year life span so they set out on a mission to get more life. First of all things we hear Bryant talking to Deckard about his new assignment, Bryant says a bunch of skin jobs got caught escaping the Tyrell corp and that one of them got fried running through a security field which was Mary. Then we watch Roy and Leon seek out genetic designers for DNA sequences and other info, but all of them say just go to Tyrell he's the boss and a big genius, exept Sebastion who lets them stay in his apartment if you will. Leon gets killed by Rachel with Deckard' PKD Pistol and before that Zhora gets two or three bullets through her body then Sebastion takes Roy to the Tyrell corp to meet Tyrell. Then the most weird thing happens Tyrell tells Roy that he cant do anything about the 4 year life span so Roy gets his thumbs and pushes Tyrell's eyes into the back of his skull. So now Pris is setting up a trap for Deckard (which backfires) and Roy shows up who die's from the 4 year life span. Roy and Rachel actually find there emotions and Roy uses them to try to kill Deckard while Rachel uses them to love Deckard. Inconclusion Replicants mainly the Nexus 6 series do actually turn into humans and Blade runner lives on...

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