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Blade Runner Collectibles.

Check out these great Blade Runner collectables, below you'll find these very rare collectables which can be very expensive and rare to get. Go to to purchase these great items and enjoy them!


This is the Blade Runner CD and it costs around $20.00 it has the following songs: 1.MAIN TITTLES
          2.BLUSH RESPONSE
          3.WAIT FOR ME
          4.RACHEL'S SONG
          5.LOVE THEME
          6.ONE MORE KISS
         10.DAMASK ROSE
         11.BLADE RUNNER (end tittles)
         12.TEARS IN RAIN
Go to the Multi Media Page to download all these great songs! 


These are the Blade runner Comics there 75 cents each and they are very deataild they have all the movie script and footage in them.


This is West Wood's version of the game. It's a really challenging game if you dont use a stratagy guide but over all its fun as with 12 different endings it makes you want to play over and over again. You can look at a better description of the game by going to the Game Reviews page and if you need any help Tips/cheats/walkthrough page will tell you.


BLADE RUNNER Official Stratagy Guide. Los Angeles 2019.. not the safest place for a rookie blade runner, but safe isn't part of the bargain, retirement is. Replicant retirement-that's what they call it. I'ts your job to off Clovis and th rest of his skin job associates. Easier said than done, rookie.
*Comprehensive Walkthrough
solve McCoy's case step by step
*Detailed Decision Tree
Learn Every Game Path and Outcome
* All The Clues
Refrence clues not found on Kia
*Speacial Blade Runner Movie Buffs Chapter, and More!


  • Starring: Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young and more!
  • Director: Ridley Scott
  • Format: Color, Closed-captioned, Dolby, Widescreen, Box set
  • Rated: R 
  • DVD Features:
    • Production notes
    • Director's Cut
    • 8 Original Limited Edition Lobby Cards
    • Exclusive Limited Edition Senitype image from movie with 35mm Film Frame
    • Original One Sheet Movie Poster (27x40)
    • Full-screen and widescreen letterbox formats
  • Other Formats: VHS widescreen, DVD
  • Average Customer Review: 3.9 out of 5 stars
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    Made in 1982 the smash hit sci-fi Blade Runner exited the audience being based in the year 2019. Blade Runner is a look into the future.Starring a huge celebrity cast, all of the public thought it was a must see.To find out info on the film go to the Movie Page and it will tell you the rest.

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    To the left of this text is the covers of one of the best novel's (and movies) ever written click the picture and it will take you to the writters home page where you will find out heaps of info on them.


    This is the Blade Runner badge it has all the features a real badge would have (in the future of course) the guy that owns it is apart of the Blade Runner Web Ring if you would like to find out more visit the Blade Runner Web Ring and click on Shawn pucknell's page there you will see is collection.


    This is the Blade Runner Blaster, its a replica of the one they used in the movie. This particular version is a plastic model kit and comes with real LED lights and a 7 ounce machined barrel if you would like to buy this gun click here.

    Deckards Blaster

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