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Favorite Game


My Fav Game... Blade Runner

My all time fav game is Blade Runner set in the year 2019 Ray McCoy the replicant strugles through life trying to make it seem that he's a human but he also has a job to do working as a police officer for the LAPD. Ray needs to solve an animal murder but on his way he finds out that replicants did it and also wont to kill some sub con designers people that made the replicants and these people only gave them 4 years to live so the replicants are trying to get some more DNA imformation to live longer.

I'll be sure to include lots of screenshots so you get a good sense of the game.

What is a replicant?

A replicant is a geneticly designed human that cannot fell emotions or in there case live long the replicants were made to clean up the cipple (junk) and they hated it so they hijaked a moon-bus and went back to earth to find the sub con designers for more life. 


Have you ever wanted to be in the Blade Runner Film???
Well its a bit to late for that but if you were in the film who would you be?
Well take this quiz and it will tell you which charecter you would be its not hard no answers are wrong click the link and think back on the days...

Click here for the quiz!

Blade Runner Desktop Theme

Click below on the link and the Blade Runner theme will download to your computer the theme has three backrounds for your desktop and sounds when ever you do something like open a file or close a file it even changes the cursor's.

Click Here To Download The Theme


Tips and Cheats

Go to the cheats page to find the walkthrough and some handy hints

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