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Favorite Links

On this page I've included links to related sites. If you notice any broken links, let me know. Also let me know about your own favorite sites!

All these web sites are packed with info but there not as good as mine

Blade Runner
The Blade Runner Webring
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Visit - the home of Blade Runner

As you can see I'm apart of the Blade Runner Web Ring. The Blade Runner Web Ring is sort of like a search engine for web sites but the Web Ring is a place where you just type in a topic and it will bring up a page with just that topic on it. Go on click the Ring Hub link in the Web Ring and it will bring up a page with just Blade Runner sites on it and if you would like to add your site to the Web Ring then click Join Now link and follow the instructions. You will meet interesting people on the Blade Runner web ring they to have also dedicated their lives to Blade Runner.


This web site is the official Blade Runner web site its alright


This web site is the company's web site they made Blade Runner!

Go to this site if you have diablo and download item editors so you can WIN!!!!!!


This web site is another fan site it has a lot of merchendise selling on it this web site has a lot of the same info on it as mine but this site rocks!


This site is a bit like Blade Zone I think the guys know each other.


If you like to read about Blade Runner and if you like lots of pic's go to this web site its packed with loads of info really good.

My tribute to Blade Runner
Mostly texts about screenplay and design for Blade Runner. 
Off World Colony - Blade Runner Fanlisting
An official-unofficial fanlisting for the movie Blade Runner. If you're a fan of the movie, come join up and add yourself to the list of others just like you. A chance to begin again.

Lyle's Inner Sanctum

Blade Runner: The Game
The site is mainly about the game but has a slight bit about the movie too, it has walkthroughs, gallery, hints page, esper machine and much more

Blade Runner on Indranet
movie information, links, books, cds, videos, posters, info on author Philip K Dick.

blade runner uk
posters from all over the world pictures animations of the best film ever made

Comunidad de habla hispana dedicada a la mejor pelicula de la historia, Blade Runner, cientos de fotos de gran calidad, sonidos, el guion, frases miticas, los personajes, noticias de actualidad, y mucho mas

Blade Runner O Inferno de Ridley
Web sobre la película de Ridley Scott, Blade Runner. Información útil y contrastada en un site de rápida carga y sencilla navegación. ¡E o primeiro en galego sobre Blade Runner! 

Jack Blade Runner Page
Try this Blade Runner Site. In Spanish.

BLADE RUNNER collection
BLADE RUNNER FAQ in Japanese (translation), JAPAN in BLADE RUNNER in Japanese, Pictures of the Bradbury building in 1995, FUTURE NOIR information in Japanese, BLADE RUNNER Links, Philip K. Dick Links

BRG is a dedicated listing of the kewlest Blade Runner props, clothing, toys, books, music, and eBay-available merchandise on the web.

Sure to be human?

Memories of Green
Memorias de lo verde: Sitio dedicado a Blade Runner y mantenido por crítico de cine. Comentarios originales e informacion recogida de la red. Español. Inglés. Memories of green: Maintained by professional movie reviewer. Read my personal interpretation of the movie along with loads of information from all over the web. A guide to stay tuned with the movie's atmospheres. In Spanish.

Alphane Clan
android theme by PK Dick

The Spetsnaz BLADERUNNER Site
This site, has been a study project, and is now being rebuilt, so it's usefull for all bladerunner freaks. You can find all kinds of info,pictures,moviecli ps etc.

Replicant Retirement Files
A Blade Runner site containing character files, original stories, a BR timeline, and links to many other sites. LIMITED TIME ONLY!!! View the special "Pikachu Edition" of Retirement Files! HURRY!!! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!

fUSION Anomaly.
604 memetic propagation through psychedelic trance, ancient cultures and future effort to accelerate the coming singularity with cosmic enthusiasm.
Explore the dark, psychological themes of science fiction author Philip K. Dick. Reviews, artwork, media, links, book orders and more. If you liked Blade Runner, you'll love the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep", the inspiration for BR.

Nexus Zone
Images gallery, cinema posters, multimedia, information, the game... A replicant world for people with soul of Blade Runner. In Spanish. Visita este sitio, hablamos el mismo idioma.

Blade Runner [de Ishara]
Sobre la mítica película. En español. Con fotos, guión (original) y tema de la discordia: ¿es Deckard humano o replicante?

Blade Runner at Harrods place!!
Blade Runner music, hints tips, links and even an online bookstore to get that much needed Blade Runner book!!

Clovis Zone
Huge archive of files dealing with blade runner the game and clovis. Music pictures ,ect..

Los Angeles, 2019: A Blade Runner Page
A Blade Runner page with quotes and images, alternate versions of the movie, cast and crew, and mistakes in the movie.
Movie review site allowing visitors to add their own review to the archive. Includes reviews from all over the net, from new releases to classics. Fantasy and Sci-Fi reviewers currently needed!

Vicay's Bladerunner Archive
The most comprehensive German Bladerunner Page with FAQ, Soundtrack Info, Analysis, Script, Pictures, Clips and Sounds etc.

Szárnyas Fejvadász - The hungarian BladeRunner page
Hungarian Blade Runner site, contains lots of pictures, wavs, mp3, and info about The Movie in hungarian.

Blade Runner Deconstructed
An eMorial tours the values which each film (un)consciously re-presents. Here, I deal with Blade Runner (Directors Cut) and questions of identity and memory.

Apartment 9732 

This site contains a sort of film synopsis and description as well as images and a few links (including one to this site). Also a brief anecdote about Brion James with whom I worked on a film.


Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human
A review of K. W. Jeter's book "Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human" -- from Tal Cohen's Bookshelf. The book is a sequel to the Blade Runner movie, and a potential base for a "Blade Runner 2" movie.

Feel free to copy anything of my web site.