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Weird Things Happening.
A few times Iv'e played the game there have been some weird things happening. One time in act 2 or 3 I was just on my way to talk to the insect women, right before I was about to talk to her Dektora came out of no where and she started talking to the insect women and then the scorpian box disapeared with Dektora and she left I tried talking to her but she ignored me.
Another time I was done in the sewers in act 3 or 4 after Lucy ran off out of the Arcade place. There right next to the ladder underneath Izo's store was Lucy, I talked to her and gave her the V.K test then she ran off again.
And remember in act 1 when you tell Runciter to stick around, in act 3 or 4 you can go back there and talk to him, he dosnt tell you much but you do get to shoot him!

Here's some tips for the Blade Runner Game.

1. If theres someone you need to meet or a place you need to go to and its not there its best to start over again because you have probably mist a clue or you didnt get the right info of someone.
2. When you are chasing Izo never try to leave the place you are in because Izo will come out of the shadows and kill you with his sword.
3. When chasing after Zuben always run out of the kitchen past the dumpster up the stairs in the next room and double click on the door infront of you this will alow you to talk to Zuben or you can just shoot him and get the photo of his corpse if you go back to your apartment you cant talk to him or get the photo of him.
4. Always make shaw that you have all the clues for act 1 other wise you cant talk to Spencer Gregorian and get clues of him if you dont talk to him Izo wont say much to you and you will have to start over again.

Here's some cheats for the Blade Runner game

Theres not very much cheats for Blade Runner but I got one for you.
1. Its said that if you start the game on easy mode and then quit out of the game and then start the game again on easy mode you will get money and its easier for you to kill the enemy and its harder for them to kill you.

Here's the walkthrough for the Blade Runner game.

Click on the act you need.

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4

Act 5

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