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Game Reviews

Here's My Opinion On Blade Runner!!

Here's my review on the game. This page also has the game requirements listed below if you wont to post a review e-mail me at you can also ask me questions while your at it.

Blade Runner: Los Angelas 2019
Published by Interactive Software and West Wood Studios
Platform: PC

System requirements:

-Windows 95/98/NT
-Pentium 90 Mhz
-16MB Ram
-2mb Direct X 5.0 Graphics Card
-Direct X 5.0 Sound Card
-4x CD-ROM drive
-Direct X compatible mouse and mouse driver
-150mb of free hard drive space

Game description and comments:

Blade Runner is set in the year 2019 so things are a bit different cars fly buildings are as tall as 5 two stories houses and we can now make people or as Blade Runner calls them Replicants.
This game is the best game I have ever played the graphics are cool and the game play is a bit confusing and the fact you get to shoot things and people is even better.

Ratings (scale of 1-10):

Graphics: 9
Sound effects and music: 8
Originality: 10
Challenge: 8
Overall: 9/10
If your game hasnt been working propley then download the patch below it should fix up any bugs or glitches and the game wont ever freeze up on you.


You can find Blade Runner at any electronic store or any local shopping centers Blade Runner usually prices between $20 to $40 and if you need to ask a questionabout the game whether it be a glitch or a problem e-mail this guy is the head of the gang he should answer to you. 

Click Here To Download The Patch

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