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Multi Media Page

Welcome To The Multi Media Page!

Welcome to the Multi Media page, here you can download the entire Blade Runner Sound Track in just a few miniutes and also some movie clips that may or may not have been used in the original movie. These downloads require you have Windows Media Player 8.0 or 9.0. I will try to get as many movie clips as I can so make sure you keep coming back!

Get The Blade Runner Sound Track Here!

Track 1: Main Titles

Track 2: Blush Response

Track 3: Wait For Me

Track 4: Racheals Song

Track 5: Love Theme

Track 6: One More Kiss

Songs Taken From The Original Sound Track

Track 7: Blade Runner Blues

Track 8: Memories Of Green

Track 9: Tales Of The Future

Track 10: Damesk Rose

Track 11: End Titles

Track 12: Tears In Rain

Blade Runner Movie Clips.

This section contains footage taken from Blade Runner, it has some scenes that were not used in the film and some of the best scenes to.

Click Here To View The Deleted Hospital Scene.

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