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Act 1

Here's Act 1



The first thing you should do is talk to the officer. Then click on the fire hydrant and the trash can, pick up the chrome fragment and click the green cursor on the front door. Click twice on the people at the left. Its important that you do this last. Later youll be able to go to the left of this screen - if youre ever stuck quite soon after the start, pop back and have a look. Carefully click the blue cursor to go inside; you should notice some footprints. Aha! At your feet are some shell casings - you might have to move to the side a bit to find them. Look carefully and pick them up, then talk to the owner until you get Lucys reference. Look at the camera hanging at the upper left. Talk to the owner again until you get a CD. Now nip over to the desk by the curtain divider.

Get the toy dog (as you would) and candy bar. Look at the picture behind the desk. Mmm, nice. Get the item on the floor in front of the desk. Go back outside. Talk to the officer not once, not twice, but three times (bear in mind that its always a good idea to review any new check marks in your KIA before another location or talking to anyone).


Right, then. Under OPT in your KIA, select the question mark if its not already checked. Natter to the guy in the red jacket. Talk to the owner of the cafe, using all choices. Follow the big guy to the kitchen and set your dialogue to the question mark (user choice icon). Save your game here, then chat to the cook. When he tries to spill soup on you, theres a moment that you can click screen right to jump away. You should run after him as he tries to make good his escape (dont worry, you will have time), but DONT kill him, whatever you do.

Ignore the bum at the dumpster. Keep running toward a door and climb the steps (or ladder) in the next screen. Walk to a locked door and get ambushed. You can put your gun away and talk, or shoot the cook to kill him. If you let him go, Lucy calls you later thanking you. The only thing you lose from doing this is Zubens ID, which would otherwise have been on the body had you shot him. Go down the steps and out the front door to the other police car. Go to the dumpster and find a licence tag.


Back at HQ, go to the mainframe in the Esper room and click the small screen on the right side to upload your information. Click the large screen on the left for two photos. The first photo has a face, suitable for a hard copy photo, when you zoom in on that area. Also, you can get a hard copy of the chaps muddy left boot. Zoom in on the rear section of the car for a hard copy of the unmarked ground car. Keep zooming in on the middle of the rear bumper until you get a close-up hard copy of the licence tag for a total of four hard copies in this photo. In the other photo, get a close-up of the desk and get a hard copy of a menu. Also, zoom in on the right edge of the large cage for a hard copy of Lucy. Get a hard copy of her foot with an insect on it, which is, yknow, usual; you should now have a total of seven hard copies from the two photos.

Review all evidence in the KIA to uncheck the items in all three categories and all characters. At the laboratory, give all evidence at the window and keep clicking the man to get all replies. Review any new check marks in your KIA again. Now return to the mainframe, do another upload and check to make sure you have the Gregorian interviews A and B. These should be under the murder weapon icon and Factory Bombings. Review them. Go to the floor that has the shooting range and notice - gasp! - the cigarette butt.

Enter the shooting course. Your true targets will have blue weapons; try not to shoot any civilians, please, as theyre only innocent bystanders. After you exit the course, click on the monitor at the upper right to see your score. Make sure your dialogue is set to the question mark (user choice icon), then go to lockup and save your game. Talk to the prisoner about everything then administer a test last. Press the red button to calibrate.

On the right are three buttons; name them, like small children, 1, 2 and 3 from left to right. Press 1 twice. Press middle twice. Press the right button twice. Press 1 once, middle once, and right button twice. If youve done it correctly, you make a positive ID. If not, the VK terminates after ten buttons. Restore and try again until you get an ID.


Click on the counter to automatically feed your dog, which is important as a puppy isnt just for Christmas. At the wall unit in the next room, check for any messages. If you shot the cook, someone mentions RATH. If you let the cook go, Lucy thanks you. Click the bed for a rest. You should dream about a big fat guy, which is disturbing, to say the least. When you awake, you get a message about Tyrell.

Thats That!