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Theres tones of Blade Runner things on this site like walkthroughs multimedia news opinions and other stuff.
Here I will post your questions an your comments from my e-mail and the guest book.
                                         <--Here They Are-->
Tim Perse of West Virginia would like to know...
Q: Is McCoy a Replicant?
A: It All depends on how you play the game if you save Zuben then yes you are Replicant but if you Kill all Replicants then your Human.
Daniel Chapplle of Texas would like to know...
Q:Who is Mary? they say she is in the movie but I didnt see her?
A: Mary is the missing 6th Replicant she is not in the movie but you do here of 6 Replicants when Bryant is showing Deckard all the Replicants profiles I to would like to see her in a different version of the movie (you never know)
Brad Doll of Victoria Australia would like to know...
Q:Is there going to be a Blade Runner 2?
A: Not at this stage but the closest to a Blade Runner 2 is the novel by Philip K Dick and there's always the 8 different versions of Blade Runner.



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