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Act 2

Here's Act 2



Get the disc from the guard. Enter the door to the right. There might be a sales brochure and an earring, which you should get from the floor to the right of the chamber entrance. Click the colour bar monitor to learn about the attempted access to the Tyrell files. Use the computer until you say, I couldnt even begin to guess the password. Exit down screen and ask Crystal about her case.


In the Esper room, upload your info. In the large screen on the left, use the picture from the security camera and zoom in on the dog to the far left. Its collar should say RIKKI. Make sure that you also get hard copies of the persons face and the food container. Look carefully at Sadiks left hand to get a close-up hard copy of a bomb, for a total of four in the same photo. Make sure you have reviewed all check marks in your KIA.


Use the computer again and you should get the DNA. Scan the computer very carefully - there is a tiny clue on the mid left that will make you feel clever if you find it. Enter the chamber and talk to the photographer. Get a wire from the corpse. Get a food container from the floor. Look at the poor dead animals. Face the exit and look carefully on the left side of the walkway and get the dog collar, then exit the chamber. Question the guard at the desk about everything, and ask for Tyrell. His surly reply is that you have to contact the boss personal assistant.


On the ground floor, talk to Guzza in his office. He will set up a meeting for you and, well, its a good idea if you prepare some pertinent questions. If hes not there, take the order receipt near the folder on his desk. Go to the man at the shooting range. Look at the crate on the floor. Talk to the man until he gives you a shipping form. Return to Guzzas office. He should now be there. Request a meeting with Tyrell.


You meet Rachael (Sean Young! Phwoar! Its Sean Young!) and shortly, Tyrell.


Review all new check marks in your KIA unit. Check for messages on the wall unit. Check the television.


Save your game and talk to the fish salesman. Chat to the snake salesman to the far right until he gets angry and tells you about Bullet Bob (listen carefully to what he says). Talk to the owner of the dragonfly booth. Buy a bracelet with Maggie on it. If the scorpion cage is there, rattle it twice, just to be annoying. Go left to Bullet Bobs. Before entering, make sure your dialogue is set to the question mark.

Administer a Voight Kampff test as soon as its in your choices. Remember, buttons 1, 2, 3. Button 1 twice, mid twice, right twice, 1 once, mid once, right twice. Let Bob fix up your KIA (this is important because later in the game, youll get framed and you cant be too careful about what you upload into the mainframe), then question him thoroughly.

You can buy some special ammo now or later in Act 4. In your KIA, click the high power ammo to use it from now on (cant be too careful, yknow). Go left to Hawkers and talk to the woman. Go down and talk to the bartender twice to order a drink. Go right and click the green cursor, from a distance, on the guy under the diamond sign to talk to him. If he leaves, go up screen and return when he comes back. From a distant view, click the green cursor on him. Ask him about jewellery.

Go up screen and come back to question the man again. After he flashes a camera in your face, take the camera then follow him.

Shoot the cage door and enter the trapdoor. Look at the weapons, in the crates, with your green cursor. Follow the tunnel to the right and climb a ladder to the street. Agent Steele should show up and arrest the bloke. Or maybe shoot him, which is a little antisocial. Steele says you blew early retirement because you didnt score the kill or the arrest. The pompous twit.


Get a close-up hard copy of the mans head in the China bar photo. Also, in the upper right, find a close-up hard copy of a camera (the red light over the shelf of bottles). The one of McCoy will show a womans face or a scale in a mans hand. His back is turned. Get a hard copy close-up from the McCoy photo. Then, if your KIA has been fixed by Bob, hide the McCoy photo by right-clicking it.

Make sure you didnt miss any other hard copies of the photo close-ups. Review all check marked entries in your KIA unit.


If you didnt get the order receipt from Guzzas desk, you can get it now if hes not there. Go to the shooting range custodian and look at the crate on the floor. Talk to the man until he gives you a shipping form. Hide any data that you dont want seen (if your KIA has been fixed) and upload the rest at the mainframe. Review any missed check marks in your KIA. Its only good and proper.


At the fire barrel, make sure your dialogue is set to the question mark. Wait and talk to the guy in the red jacket a couple of times (not the old man with cane - hes probably incontinent). Go up screen and enter the green building, and talk to the man there about everything. Exit and return to the fire barrel, then go left and save your game once more. Enter Dermo Design and shoot the handcuffs to free the man. Quickly move your cursor left, until its an arrow, then double click - its a bomb! Outside, put your gun away and keep clicking the bottom of the screen. If the man didnt get out, restore and try again. Its critical that he gets out.

Talk to the dying man, then talk to the officer. Go back inside and check the damage. Exit and go up stairs to the left. Get an envelope from one of the dummies. Check the answering machine to the right of the dummy (you might have to move to the side so that you can click on the machine). Exit to the street. If you see the guy in a red jacket again, ask him about the bombing. Go right and up screen. Enter the green building again. Make sure your dialogue choices are set to the question mark.

Keep talking to the man until you have choices. Ask about everything. Exit and go through the alley just to the left of the building. Enter the Bradbury Building (hey, nice touch). Go down the hallway and then right at the top of the stairs. In the room at the lower right of the screen, click the power strip on the floor to resume a printing process, then get the printout. In the room with water, climb the ladder. Break the glass in the bookcase shelves and climb to the roof.

Easy Huh?