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Act 5

Here's Act 5


If Steele previously shot Lucy and you ran from the platform where Guzza was, you will probably get a call from her and the two of you team up. If Steele shot Lucy and you shot Guzza, then Clovis will call you and you end up shooting Steele at the moon bus. If you ran away and were nice to Dektora in the dressing room and over the projection room, you could also get a call from her.

In the living room, if Maggie has been shot, click the counter to (hopefully) find a cigarette butt. Maybe. You get a message on the wall unit from Lucy, Dektora, Steele or Clovis. If its from Lucy or Dektora agree to meet at Crazy Legs Used Cars. Of course, you could go settle the score with Steele if she shot your dog, then go to Crazy Larrys. In Earlys disc, get a close-up hard copy of a scorpion box behind the basket. Also get a hard copy of Earlys reflection. Review all new check marks in your KIA. Go to the ground floor and enter the sewer.

Go up the steps to the crossway. If you didnt get the download from the twins small terminal, go to the elevator and cross the plank. Click the small lower left screen to get the download. If the twins are there, leave and return until they are gone, then get the download. Go back to the crossway, SAVE, then consider this... If Lucy wasnt killed and you didnt shoot Dektora, you can take either path A to Lucy or Dektora, or path B and the moon bus. If Lucy was killed, then path A doesnt apply to her. Dont forget, double clicking allows you to run.

PATH A. Go up screen past the electric chair, and into the tunnel to the wrecked subway. Continue up screen to the two wrecked vehicles and go through the left hole and up into Crazy Legs Used Cars, talk to him, then save. Go out the front door and talk to Lucy or Dektora. Rent a flyer from Crazy and go up to the roof. Quickly shoot it out with Steele (the cursor is initially centre screen or slightly left) before she kills Lucy or Dektora.

Click the flyer to see its damaged. Go down and use the console to lower the car through the floor. Quickly go down the ladder by the door and down the left ladder to the tunnel - get in the car and make your getaway. If Lucy was killed and you shot Guzza, then path B still applies. If Lucy was killed and you ran from Guzza at the platform, see Team Path below.

PATH B. Return down screen, and go to the room before the apartment manhole before saving. Go through the northern door and go, er, north from there. Youll find there are two entrances to the junkyard; if you go through the bombed out sections of the Tyrell Building. Look carefully for a bomb on the left, and look at it twice to deactivate it (giving it a disarming glance, so to speak, haha). Agent Steele should then poke her nose in where its not wanted, so shoot her when you get the chance. Thatll put an end to her meddling ways. Continue north to the moon bus and talk to someone outside it - you now have a couple of choices. Save your game, then...

A) Shoot it out and go into the moon bus to watch the old rep die. Exit the moon bus and discover that you are - hooray! - a Super Blade Runner. Which is always nice.

B) You can return south to where you shot Steele and pick up the power source near the white running lights on the left. Return north to the moon bus and enter, and watch the moon bus take off.



You meet Steele just south of the moon bus. The two of you go through the bombed out section of the Tyrell building. When Steele stops in the tunnel, quickly look at the bomb on the left of the screen to warn her about it. When the two of you get near the moon bus, Maggie will come toward you; shes been booby-trapped, so shell explode (lovely, eh?). Challenge Sadik.

After killing him, you and Steele argue and you enter the moon bus alone. You can either kill the dying Clovis or suffer his poetry reading until he dies. Best to put him out of his misery, then, eh?

Thats All Of It!