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Blade Runner Replicant

BR Replicant

Want to know who the replicants are? check the below out


Leon is like a teachers pet he responds to  Roy's every command and he dosnt say much. Leon gets the voight komp on him in the start of the movie and he tested positive to being a replicant. Leon like all other replicants gets killed in the movie but by Rachel one big hole in his head the size of a fist weird huh?


Pris is living like a hobo sleeping in trash not even living inside she is very strange kissing a guy twice her age (Roy batty) and taking a liking to JF Sebastion not that theres anything wrong with that but Pris she's lethal easily getting Deckard in a type of head-lock with her legs and nearly breaking his neck.


Rachel is a very quiet and lonely person in this film not only does she just get bossed around by Tyrell but by Deckard as well in the love scene. Rachel is a very independent character killing Leon and all. Deckard takes a love interest in Rachel and at the end of the movie they run away together. 

Roy Batty

Roy Batty is the ruthless of them all he kills just about everyone he meets. Roy dosnt like the Blade Runner very much thats why he likes to let people suffer like when he pushes Tyrells eye-balls to the very back of his eye sockets. Roy battles to keep alive in the film parts of his body start to loose feeling and the only way to keep blood circulating is to stick nails through his hands.


Zhora is a bit like Pris she takes no prisoners. When we first see Zhora she is working in a strip club and when Deckard needs to meet her(kill her)he finds she's no push over Zhora chokes, hits and kicks Deckard down to the ground but it all ends with two bullets in her back and glass stuck in her face.


Its official Deckard is a replicant... In the Director's Cut version, the biggest clue for analysts was the appearance of a unicorn on screen while Deckard is lost in thought.The image of the mythical creature appears again towards the end of the film when he picks up an origami model discarded by Gaff.As the replicants had no memories of their own, they had to be implanted, and fans interpreted the appearance of the model as a sign that Gaff knew what Deckard was thinking because it was an image shared by other non-humans. We find out that six had made their way to earth, one of whom was killed. Deckard is looking for four, begging the question: "Who is the fifth replicant?".


At the beggining of the film we over hear Bryant talking to Deckard about his new assignment Bryant says there are six of them Roy the leader, Pris a combat model, Zhora the torture device, Deckard the fifth Replicant, and remember how he says "One of them got fried running through Tryrell's security system" well thats Mary. But how do we know her name??? well that was a rumour that spilled all over the net. So in conlusion  1:Roy
Remember Rachel was just a test model or so Tyrell says. SOLVED!

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