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Act 3

Here's Act 3


When youre alone, click the green cursor to the left of the window to move your chair and cut yourself loose. Get the item under the other chair. Get the doll and another item under the pillow. On the edge of the cot, get a moon bus photo. Go down-screen and left. Talk to the tough guy. Follow him outside and check the wrecked car for an ID number. Get the wrapper from the car interior.

Go back into the Yukon and through the neon door. Get a scale from the bath and a badge from the dresser. Exit out to the wreck and go left, down, and right.


Ask the fish salesman about the scale and youll learn that another cop had the same kind of scale. The dragonfly jeweller should now have information for you. If you located the camera in the China Bar photo, talk to the bartender twice and he will give you a video disc.


Feed your dog and check for any messages. Make sure you havent missed any hard copies of close-ups in the photos. In the moon bus photo, there are close-ups of three faces and a mysterious golden object to the far right. If Bob altered your KIA, hide the moon bus photo and your photo close-up there by right-clicking on them. In the China Bar photo, to the far right is Izo with a camera. In the background, under the red neon circle, is Guzza. Click the bed to get some rest.


Upload your data at the mainframe and review any check marked entries. Go to lockup and question the farthest guy to make sure you have asked about Protest. After this, talk to the first guy, Izo, if he wasnt previously shot.


Enter Used Cars and talk to Crazy Legs, including choices that come up. Ascend the steps, on the right, to the roof. Look around, then go back to the street. Talk to the old man and woman about everything. Save your game and enter the hall area. Enter the first area on the left. If Lucy is there, you have two choices as you talk to her. Warn her about Crystal or VK her.

If you administer the Voight Kampff, later you might team up with Crystal or Dektora. If shes not there, you should check back later, or you could be headed for a one way ending where Lucy is killed and you and Steele could team up at the moon bus. Review your KIA and any new check marks.


Talk to Mama Isabella at the Kingston booth.


Enter the club on the left. Talk to the bouncer near the stage. Try to enter the revolving booth on the left. Exit and enter the club on the right side of the street. If the guy in the red jacket is there, SAVE. First, ask him about cheese if its in your choices. Watch him put his cigarette lighter on the bar. Get it. Watch the show. He runs out, so run after him. If he shoots at you, try to ventilate him. If he has no gun, click the green cursor on him. You can arrest him or just let him go. If you shoot at him or let him go, dont follow.


Feed Maggie, review your KIA and get some rest. Its been a long day.


Down screen and to the right, enter the Yukon Hotel and talk to the manager.


Set your dialogue to Normal. Enter the Bradbury and go up the stairs to automatically talk to the owner. Look around the rooms again. Talk to the owner again. He will probably order you to leave, you scruffy urchin.


Enter the club on the left and stand in front of the dancer. Talk to her until the bouncer is right beside you. Make a dash (double click) for the booth on the left to enter the back room.


You can actually walk onto the circular floor with the dancer, should it take your fancy. Talk to the guy, in red tails, until he says hes working. If hes not there, set your dialogue to the question mark and go to the Hysteria Arcade. Now Lucy might be there; dont give her the VK but warn her about Crystal. Return to the Strip Club and go through the revolving booth.

When its show time, go left to see it start, then quickly return through the revolving booth and go through the door thats left of the stage. In Earlys office, make sure your dialogue is set to the question mark, then save. Click on the lights over the desk. Click the edge of the desk to get a paper. Click the couch to the right to get a CD. Early comes in and turns to make a drink.

Quickly draw your gun and force him to sit. If he is not stung to death, agree to a deal by putting your gun away. Early will give you a paper. Keep the disk. If he is stung to death, click on him.

Exit and go back through the revolving booth. If the show is still going, wait for it to finish. Then continue left to the basement. Enter the room to the right and click on the flower vase on the dresser. In your choices, select Crystal. Do NOT VK her or you miss the chance to run away with her if you later let her go. Two things can happen after you question the woman: she runs out or she may call a cop. If she calls a cop, then shes probably a Replicant. If this is the case, then use the following paragraph...

Youre eventually rescued. Walk into the tunnel by the wrecked subway, then up the double staircase. Back in the strip club, quickly go to the basement dressing room and get a note from the flower vase. Return to the laser lights and go up through the balcony entrance on the right, draw your gun and SAVE before going into the projection room. With the red cursor on the glaring light, shoot the power cord. Climb the ladder. I suggest you put your gun away and click the green cursor to talk to Dektora.

However, if the woman ran out, shes probably human. Heres what to do. Take the note from the flower vase. Cross the street to the other club. Here, two situations exist. The guy in the red coat will either be there or he wont be there. If hes there, you can talk to him and youll be arrested, which is nice. After your rescue, enter the same club and chase the comedian outside. He may be holding a hostage. Take careful aim and shoot him.

If the comedian was not there, return to your apartment. In the club photo, you will get close-up hard copies of Earlys reflection in the mirror and a scorpion box hidden behind the basket. Also, if Early wasnt stung to death and he gave you a photo, check it.

Get close-up copies of Lucy and yellow flowers behind Clovis.


If your KIA has been altered, upload only what you want to at the mainframe. Review any checked entries.


If you arrested the guy in the red coat, question him.


If nothing is happening where the comedian worked, whether or not you arrested him, youre still probably on an ending resulting from Lucys demise.


Enter the arcade and talk to Lucy. She will probably run away. Exit to the right and Steele will probably shoot Lucy. The swine.

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